Industry Highlight: Cannabis

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Cannabis, Photography

The cannabis industry has had a monumental impact on both our careers, individually and as Cold Pizza Creative. Eh..hem, queue bragging:

Since 2014, we’ve helped cannabis companies throughout the United States with their marketing efforts. We have extensive experience working with cannabis producers, processors, testing facilities, distributors, retailers and even technology providers. We have first-hand experience documenting indoor and outdoor growing procedures, various extraction methods, terpene, cannabinoid, and pesticide analysis, while staying informed of legalities set forth by individual states. As a former Events Coordinator for two cannabis companies, I’ve attended and managed booths at some of the largest cannabis events in the nation. Our contributions to Lunchbox Alchemy helped award them Best Branding & Marketing from Dope Magazine for two consecutive years. Tyler has photographed edible production, butane extraction, propane extraction, C02 extraction, rosin pressing, and live resin production and managed social media content for accounts with tens of thousands of followers.

Ok – so what are some of our takeaways? Keep reading.

avoid cliches

The industry is already drowning in them. Some of the most successful companies we’ve worked with have zero indication of cannabis in their titles. And although it’s tempting, stray from applying clever wordplay to popular acronyms such as THC and CBD unless you’re prepared for an SEO nightmare. Avoid overusing the color green or a combination of green, red and yellow. And please, for the sake of the entire industry, never use the term “marijuana.”

Cold Pizza Creative_Lunchbox Alchemy_Cannabis Edible Photography_1

photography tip: prepare for unique lighting scenarios

The conditions needed to grow great indoor cannabis make for unique photography lighting. 

Cold Pizza Creative_Lunchbox Alchemy_Cannabis Brand Photography_3

follow the law

Do we really have to mention this? Yes. It’s important to adhere to each state’s regulations and within each state, the regulations set forth by the organizations you are hired to represent. Sign in at every visit. Carry the proper licenses. Never test a product on site or on public property. Never use cartoons in association with products or packaging. Never move a product from room to room without proper authorization. Request unmedicated edible samples for in-studio photography. These are just some of the steps we take to ensure compliance is met.

Cold Pizza Creative_Lunchbox Alchemy_Cannabis Edible Production_Photography