Everything you need to know about logo design & brand kits

At Cold Pizza Creative, we don’t just design logos, but we help establish the full brand image. This means building the foundations of your logo and brand image and providing the tools necessary to apply your logo to various media, digital to print.

Take a peak at what’s included in our full Logo and Brand Kit and why each of these elements are important in building and maintaining brand trust.

1. Primary Logo + Logo Variations

From homepage to hang tag, flyer to favicon, the ways in which your logo may be presented are myriad. We’ll make sure that you have what you need to make sure your brand stands out in any situation. Typical packages contain 3-5 total logo assets in three main categories: primary logos, secondary logos, and icons.

When do you use your primary logo versus logo variations? The best thing about having logo variations is that you can decide which logo to use, and when based on design preference and purpose. 

2. Color Palette & Typefaces

We’ll curate colors to compliment your brand’s aesthetic and overall tone, and include the CMYK, RGB, Pantone and HEX values of each color chosen to ensure your brand elements are represented properly, whether in print or on screen. 

3. Additional Graphic Elements

Custom icons, textures, and patterns and graphic art that was used in developing your logo and brand are often well suited for utilization in other marketing materials. Typical packages contain between 3-8 additional graphic elements.

4. Organized, shareable assets.

We’ll deliver your new brand assets – organized, properly formatted and ready to share with other businesses, publications or designers via cloud service or hard drive. Don’t make publications, printers, or other interested parties search the internet for your logo if they need it. Providing these files directly to those who are using it ensures resolution and proper presentation.